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Inside the Beehive: Art of Garen Bedrossian

In TMORA’s Mezzanine Gallery, Armenian-Canadian artist Garen Bedrossian showcases his fascinating nature-centered project, Inside the Beehive. The exhibition investigates the relationship between humans and their environment bringing the splendor and intricacy of nature’s creations to the forefront.  Bedrossian produced a series of small, vibrantly colored paintings that were then placed inside beehives for a prolonged period of time. Bees covered the pieces with waxwork patterns, complementing, and sometimes obliterating, the original painting. Honeybee colony loss has soared in recent years while humans depend on bees as pollinators to raise crops.  Garen Bedrossian’s works aim to remind us that collaboration with, and respect for, nature is key to human survival.

Bedrossian received professional education at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and launched a creative career in Russia and his homeland of Armenia.  He moved to Canada, where he continues to produce paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures.

On view in the Mezzanine Gallery September 15, 2018 – February 10, 2019