"CONNECTIONS" co-hosts


Elizabeth Horab


Elizabeth is a theatre artist that works at a book publishing company, and has vast experience working in special education and mental health. She received her MFA in Theatre: Contemporary Performance from Naropa (a Buddhist-inspired university) and BA in Theatre from NDSU in Fargo, ND. 

She's been working with Connections Radio for 2 years, and has created its website, co-hosted shows, and co-produced on-air live theatre events. You may also recognize her from Art Beat that runs on AM950 on Fridays at 4:30pm, which gives listeners a quick glimpse into a few artful events they can attend over the weekend. 

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With many years as co-host of Food Freedom Radio, Karen Olson Johnson joins Connections as Senior Producer and co-host. Her background includes working for stellar science education, directing an environmental non-profit, planning the Women's Congress for Future Generations, and orchestrating participatory workshops on the hazards of toxic living among many other experiences tied to how we are living and connected to each other.

Karen is the author of two books, Common Sense for Common Good and From Where I See It. Gizmo, the cat, who inspired From Where I See It, is particularly proud of winning the Midwest Book Awards. Karen shares her home with Gizmo, Sydney the parrot, and her husband. 

She has two children's books on the way. One about the voyage of a leatherback turtle and one about an orphaned rhino in Africa. Karen is the Director of the Council of Contributors, a Minnesota-based 501c3 working to save the rhino from extinction in Africa and is the Events Development director for the Women's Press. She looks forward to the conversations we will all have on Connections.